Electricity-saving tips

Saving electricity is worthwhile in every respect

On the one hand it helps to protect the environment, on the other it saves you cash. Energy-saving measures in the home aren’t about going without – all it takes is using the energy more effectively. To reduce your electricity costs, check your electrical devices for hidden power guzzlers. These can be found all over the house: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, electric cookers, air conditioners and lightbulbs are just a few examples. Most devices are divided into consumption classes from A (green) for very low consumption to G (red) for very high. It can often be worth getting rid of older devices and taking energy efficiency into account (e.g. the GEFA symbol) when buying new ones.

Keep an eye out for hidden power stealers:
These primarily include devices with a stand-by mode such as TVs, stereo equipment, DVD players, computers and computer accessories. Some devices also consume electricity even when switched off, which can only be prevented by disconnecting them from the power supply.

Use socket outlets with switches:
These make it very easy to completely turn off multiple power consumers at the click of a single switch.

You can use an energy cost monitor to find out which devices use energy and when and how much they consume. An energy cost monitor is a measuring device you simply position between the plug and the electrical consumer. It measures current electricity consumption, including in stand-by mode. You can quickly track down power guzzlers and then ruin their appetites, e.g. using socket strips with switches, timers, or power savers.

You can also use ‘power savers’ as chokes. These automatically disconnect the device entirely from the power supply in stand-by mode and then start normal operation again when the device remote is operated.

Other electricity-saving tips

  • Always use washing machines and dryers with a full load (approx. €34/year)
  • Replace standard 60W bulbs with energy-saving bulbs (approx. €8/year)
  • Set the refrigerator to 6-8 degrees and do not place near radiators. You should also avoid direct sunlight on the device (approx. €20/year)
  • Switch the cooker off earlier and use the remaining residual heat (approx. €9/year)
  • 60-degree washes are often also fine at 40 degrees (approx. €25/year)

Modern electrical devices have a label showing their energy consumption.



Switch off all devices not in use by disconnecting them from the power supply. So unplug! Depending on how many devices you have you could save over €100 a year.