WOGE Saar, Saarland’s residential property company, brings together all housing activities under the state-owned SHS Strukturholding Saar.

The ‘Gemeinnützige Eisenbahn-Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Saarbrücken’, or WOGE, has been in existence since 1943 and was originally a BEV social facility. In 2000 LEG Saar acquired around 95% of the shares of what was then called ‘WOGE Saarbrücken mbH’. In 2003, the residential portfolios of four state subsidiaries within SHS Strukturholding Saar were pooled within the new WOGE Saar (Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH).

The WOGE Saar team currently looks after around 5,400 homes with approximately 12,000 inhabitants in rural and urban locations across Saarland and neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate.

The WOGE Saar residential portfolio contains a wide range of offerings, from budget single or student apartments to properties for senior citizens to spacious family apartments.

The overriding aim: simple rental and friendly living – tenants should feel comfortable.

WOGE Saar has thus developed a well-designed service concept with lean organisation and short communication channels. Each tenant knows their contact personally and can rely on a quick response to questions and problems.

WOGE Saar is also involved in property trading, focusing in particular on the potential for so-called ‘tenant privatisation’ where tenants are given the exclusive opportunity to buy residential property for fair purchase prices. Some of our former tenants have thus become proud house and apartment owners.

Contact person

Rita Gindorf-Wagner

Managing Director
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 602

» r.gindorf-wagner@woge-saar.de

Valentin Holzer

Managing Director
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 640

» v.holzer@woge-saar.de

Johanna Kredteck

Authorised Signatory for the housing sector
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 410

» j.kredteck@woge-saar.de

Stefan Ruffing

Authorised Signatory
Technical Manager
WOGE Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland mbH

+49 (0)6893/9899 154

» s.ruffing@woge-saar.de