Advice for seniors

Added value for our tenants: the WOGE Saar Senior Service

As one of the largest property management companies in south-west Germany, WOGE Saar is committed to ensuring that its tenants are comfortable and happy. Since an increasing number of our older customers would like everyday support from time to time, we have taken these needs on board and developed a special service to help: the WOGE Saar Senior Service.

Senior citizen manager Anita Morschette-Sarg serves a central point of contact at WOGE Saar for all interested tenants, offering help and contacts with relevant organisations and thus actively helping to maintain or improve the living conditions and quality of life for older residents. Ms. Morschette-Sarg handles your concerns and finds the right solution for you, either over the telephone, in person at the WOGE Saar customer centre or even at your home. Please do make use of the WOGE Saar Senior Service and recommend it to other tenants.

WOGE Saar Senior Service programme:

  • Contact with authorities, organisations and information centres
  • Advice on ‘senior living’
  • Assistance with everyday tasks
  • Providing car and transport services
  • Information on leisure activities


Contact person

Anita Morschette-Sarg

Senior Citizen Officer

+49 (0)681/9965 146

» a.morschette@woge-saar.de

WOGE Kundenzentrum Saarbrücken

Mainzer Straße 7-9
66111 Saarbrücken

Montag bis Donnerstag
8:30 – 17:30 Uhr

8:30 – 13:00 Uhr

+49 (0)6 81/9965 144