Housing for students

WOGE Saar’s comprehensive residential portfolio in and around Saarbrücken includes a variety of apartments particularly well suited to students or shared living. To allow you to remain flexible in terms of time and to avoid over-burdening your wallet, we are now offering a very special service: our own student rental agreement specifically tailored to your situation.

All students will now be charged smaller rent deposits, one month’s rent rather than the usual three. And it gets better: students who sign a rental agreement with WOGE Saar have a reduced notice period of one month rather than the standard three months.

Sharing an apartment has its benefits, not just in terms of shared costs. However, sometimes it is not easy to find suitable flatmates, particularly if you are new to the city. We are also happy to help you find suitable people to join you in a shared apartment.

Other helpful information is available here:

» Online apartment-hunting form
» State chancellery science portal at www.saarland.de
» HTW housing forum at www.htwsaar.de
» Saarland student services at www.studentenwerk-saarland.de

Contact person

Karin Weber-Huppert

Customer Centre Saarbrücken

+49 (0)681/9965 144

» k.weber-huppert@woge-saar.de