December 2015

On dialogue: Saarland and Korea bridging another gap

Besides the presentation of the business location Saarland, also company visits and the participation at the annual reception of the Korean trade association ATCA were on the agenda. Further common activities were triggered.
During the ATCA reception, gwSaar´s Managing Director Thomas Schuck introduced the business location Saarland to the 150 guests and invited the Korean enterpreneurs to pay a visit to Saarland. `We are interested in a long-term cooperation. Therefore, we support a living relationship and would be glad to bring together Korean startups and young businesses from Saarland.`

According to this, a matching workshop between young companies from the KIST subsidary Venture Foundation and Saarland businesses was stipulated in a meeting at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Seoul. The preparation and organisation of the workshop will be handled by gwSaar.

Also the visits to companies and research institutes such as the ATCA member Vieworks, which presented itself as a specialist for high-precision X-ray cameras, were much promising. Research and development were the themes at the Songdo Techno Park. Here, too, first ideas for common activities in the areas of Information Technology, Electronics, New Materials and Biotechnologies exist, all of them of interest for Saarland´s research community which has produced valuable high-end applications and of great potential for the region´s innovative businesses.

In spring 2015, the Korean trade association ATCA (Advanced Technology Center Association) opened its only European Hub Lab to date in the institute building of KIST Europe (KIST = Korean Institute of Science and Technology) on the campus of the Saarland University. Initiated and supported by the Korean Government, ATCA incorporates over 400 research- and technology-oriented businesses. In Korea, the small and medium-sized member companies are hidden champions with a high growth and export potential. rb