May 2015

The Industrial Estate ‘GI Holz’ to be tailored towards the requirements of regional companies

The Masterplan area in North Saarland, right on the B268, has been made accessible and fully developed by gwSaar, the state-owned Saarland economic promotion corporation, as part of the EU sponsored Masterplan for industrial areas in Saarland. “The region surrounding the industrial and business park ‘GI Holz’ is flourishing. We know that many companies have expansion plans. We are reacting to the requirements of these companies with the new possibility of creating smaller parcels”, explains Thomas Schuck, Managing Director of gwSaar. The new access roads will make individual parcels of real estate possible from a size of 2,000 square metres with immediate effect.


Easily accessible via the federal motorways A620, A1 and A8, the area surrounding the Losheim area is very conveniently situated with regard to transportation. The municipality of Losheim, which has grown to a total of 16,400 inhabitants, is one of the most important economic centres in the district of Merzig Wadern. The economic structure of the municipality is characterised particularly by medium-sized companies in the production and services sector but also by companies operating across Europe and globally.