September 2015

Lakal cutting the first sod on the Lisdorfer Berg

End 2016, all 350 employees shall move from Saarbrücken to the Lisdorfer Berg. The investment sum amounts to 20 million euros. According to Alfons Ney, one of the Managing Directors of Lakal, the move will enable a further expansion. Main reasons to choose Lisdorfer Berg had been its excellent motorway linkage and the vicinity to France. In France, Lakal is one of the three leading producers of roller shutters.
`Here on Lisdorfer Berg, companies are offered growth potentials they did not have at their previous locations`, says Thomas Schuck, Managing Director of gwSaar (Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation). Capacities, so Schuck, were utilized very well and 47% of the surfaces had already been marketed. All in all 100 ha of constructible area will be available on the Lisdorfer Berg upon completion of the second building section in 2016.