January 2016

Red carpet for the Young German Cinema in Saarbrücken – and Hollywood

Also director Isabelle Stever, actors Maria Furtwängler and Mehmet Sözer as well as producer Ingmar Trost will be welcomed to this event. This year´s honored guest is actress and filmmaker Maria Schrader. Festival tickets have already been on sale since the Blue Hour on January 9th . Apparently, many fans of film have used this opportunity: 4000 tickets were sold in one hour.

This year, mainly older and mature emerging directors have submitted their works to the Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis. Festival director Gabriella Bandel shows herself happy about the complexity of the films and their topics: `The directors demonstrate a lot of courage, keenness of experimentation and ideas. Furthermore, many of the films are humorous. That almost all films on competition are premieres or first performances proves that the film festival, which is known far beyond Saarland borders, is well on the way to become a premiere festival.` After more than 17 years of work dedicated to the festival, art director Gabriella Bandel says goodbye with this year´s Max Ophüls Preis.

Main forum for the promotion of young German-language film artists
Once again, the renowned Saarbrücken Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis is going to open its doors. Since 36 years by now, it has stood for the discovery of young talents from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis is the only explicit festival for young filmmakers in the German-speaking countries.

The festival is supported by SHS Strukturholding Saar which sponsors the Preis für den Mittellangen Film.