May 2015

Healthy together. Together we are strong.

‘Health is not a matter of course’, emphasised Minister of Economic Affairs Anke Rehlinger in her opening address. ‘It stands in interaction with office life, since if our health suffers then it has an impact on our professional life, and vice versa. It is for precisely this reason that our health needs to be firmly established within office life.’

The staff present made full use of information stands and workshops on healthy bodies, healthy minds and above all being healthy together. Whether informative talks or practical exercises such as ‘boxing not office’, everything on offer paid particular attention to sustainability. The major topic of this year’s Health Day was above all proper interpersonal communications, affecting not only how we interact but also our individual well-being and thus our health.

The SHS and the Ministry of Economic Affairs are also looking after the well-being of both institutions’ employees beyond the Health Day with their Occupational Health Management team. For example, the services provided include introductory presentations offered all year round on the topic of health, and there is a wide range of occupational health promotion activities.

‘The huge response we have received to our Occupational Health Management has been encouraging’, explained Rita Gindorf-Wagner to conclude the day. ‘Our aim is to embed health more strongly within corporate culture and create the framework conditions required promote it sustainably. Our collaboration with Saarland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and the AOK as partners in the Health Day was therefore true to this year’s slogan: together we are strong.’