November 2015

Health Day at Saarbrücken Airport – The Wintringer Hof is there too with a market stand

One special feature is that information will be directed not only towards the airport staff but also towards interested members of the public, by addressing the topic ‘Healthy nutrition through healthy products’.

For this purpose the Wintringer Hof will be present at the terminal all day with a market stand with organic products for sale. The Wintringer Hof, an agricultural enterprise by ‘Lebenshilfe Obere Saar’, grows fruit and vegetables in accordance with Bioland criteria and offers a wide range of products from broccoli and Swiss chard to tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. The products also include a broad spectrum of local and greenhouse-grown fruits that love the sun such as melons. The products are grown without chemicals but with intensive mechanical work. Pests are combated using useful insects. The special feature of the Wintringer Hof is that the handicapped members of staff also provide energetic help.

This stimulus event will use tailor-made offers to show the airport staff how to consciously test their physical and spiritual wellbeing at the work place and to make positive changes as necessary. The programme includes many offers such as individual and specific analyses with the latest measurement methods or various relaxation techniques as well as the preparation of green smoothies.

Strukturholding Saar has found a professional cooperation partner for occupational health management in AOK Rhineland Palatinate/Saarland. This health insurance company will support us within the framework of the event day with health and preventative offers that are also specially tailored to the specific stress situations within the airport business. For example the AOK-Cardiscan can produce both a heart portrait and an individual stress index in order to derive personally designed relaxation recommendations. AOK will use the Medimouse and the Posturomed to measure the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system together with a team from the physical therapy school in Lebach. In order to satisfy the requirements of luggage transportation the AOK will be supporting a lifting and carrying training programme for the staff. The lecture on the subject ‘Getting out of the Hamster’s Wheel’ and a team game round off the AOK contributions.