January 2015

Technology location Saarland presents itself in China

On Tuesday, the group, among others, met with company representatives of CQLT. At the meeting, also the situation at the production site in Wadern-Büschfeld was discussed. In this context, the special importance of the tariff agreement concluded at the company takeover was emphasized. The Economics Minister confirmed her readiness to continue the dialogue on the long-term securing of the Saarland plant in a constructive way.

In line with its mission, gwSaar furthermore presented the Saarland as a bustling business and technology location in the middle of Europe. Also the Saarland´s potential regarding target markets and branches within Chongqing´s area of focus was outlined.

Last but not least, the delegation could deepen the dialogue started in 2014 on topics such as profitable cooperations and activities in the FDI sector. At the same time, valuable contacts could be concretized. Last year, the independent administration unit and Chinese Province of Chongqing with roughly 30 million inhabitants had already shown great interest in Saarland technologies. Other highlights of the mission were the meetings with the local government and the CQFTERC Foreign Trade and & Economic Relations Commission. Worth to be mentioned: The local government had accepted the meeting despite the fact that two important national congresses (National People’s Congress and Chinese Political Consultative Conference) were held in the city at the same time. This shows the significance which the Chinese side had attributed to this visit.